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Tips to speak English fluently

To speak English fluently is your goal, that's the reason you want to read this article. Those tips will help you to improve your English fluency:

1-Build your emotion:It's one of the most important steps to speak English fluently but most students forget it, when you are motivated you learn fast and easily. think about building your motivation just before starting to study English (do it each time you want to study English).

2-Study English everyday:If you want to speak English fluently and you study just one day per week, you're totally wrong!A question that you may ask will be: I don't have time to study English everyday, how can I do?it's so simple! take this rule: short time everyday for studying BETTER THAN long time every week.

3-Find material that goes with your level:Each English student has a different level, for example, if you are an intermediate English student, you should find some English material for intermediate students.For example, don't listen to English MP3 where you understand nothing! Just listen to English MP3 where you can understand about 80% or 90%

4-Repeat what you studied:Whenever you want to study English, repeat what you studied the last time. Don't go to a next step until you're comfortable with the actual one.

5-Don't forget new technology:I just made an article where you can learn how to use new technology to improve your English skills.

6-Find some English friends:I call them "English friends". They are students you learn English with. Don't study alone if you have some friends. It can help you to build your emotion which means you learn English fast and easily.

7-Practice English:even if you don't have some friends, practice English alone. Talk about the lessons you just learned, use the new vocabulary, try to make correct sentences...